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Mercedes Kids Marathon- INFO
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Thursday, February 08, 2018
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Mercedes parents,

Here is a little overview of what to expect Saturday. Whether this is your first, or the last year with us, we would like to say thank you for participating in this event. We think it is lots of fun and it encourages our kids to run for fun and maybe for life! We hope that they continue to run in other races and continue this race year after year.
• It will be crowded, but don’t panic! Also, weather forecast says there is a good chance of rain. Plan on extra time for parking and walking to the starting line. 5th grade starts at 11:00, (line up begins at 10:50), with each descending grade level starting approximately 10 minutes after the other. It goes by quickly, so make sure you are on time!
• There are holding areas for each grade level, but you do not have to go to these areas. We are planning on getting down there early and setting up my blue sunshade tent (if they let us) close to the starting line. We will have a sign on it that says Trussville Schools that we can meet under. This will be for Paine, Magnolia, and Cahaba students. If they don’t let us set up the tent, we will be close to the starting line with a sign. We like for our runners to run together. We will make sure they get to the starting line all together. We plan on running with as many grade levels as we are able to. 
• Make sure their race t-shirt is their outermost layer of clothing, and that their bib is attached. KEEP the claim ticket! You need this to get them out of the holding area. Look at the last number of your claim ticket- that is the number gate you will go to and pick up your child.
• If you have any questions, please email Coach Cooper (
• If you have time, we would like for you to stop back by the tent to get some pictures of the kids with their medals.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the race.


Coach Cooper and Coach Burnett

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