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Sue Koch Staff Photo

Welcome to the world of GaTE - Gifted and Talented Education in Trussville.  I have been teaching gifted children for a very long time and love it.  That is why I am still teaching.  I have taught in several districts in Pennsylvania, Mississippi and 4 systems in Alabama.  It has been my pleasure to be with the Trussville System since before its inception.  I earned my bachelor's degree at Waynesburg College in Pennsylvania and my Master's in Gifted Education from the University of Southern Mississippi.  

We are very excited about the opportunities that are available to our gifted students this year.   DESIGN is our conceptual lens and we will be looking at those DESIGN elements in everythings we study.  We will be starting off with GAME ON:  Designing Our Own Games including testing our games on Game Day.  Space Exploration:  DESIGNING the Final Frontier will explore the workings of rockets and how we landed safely on the moon.  Our entrepreneurial skills will be honed through our Marketplace program, and we will be exploring the world of robotics with LEGOs using the EV3 Mindstorm & WeDo programs.  We will continue working in the Paine Gardens throughout the year as time permits.  It is going to be an exciting and jam packed year.