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Safety Patrol

Safety Patrol Information  
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Important Information about Safety Patrol

For the 1st 9 week period that starts August 2017, we have asked current 4th grade teachers to recommend students to serve 5th grade Patrollers.  Since these are leadership positions around our school, we need students with outstanding character and integrity.  Recommendation criteria include being responsible, respectful, dependable, considerate, dedicated, and cheerful.  If chosen to serve on Safety Patrol, parents must sign a consent form.  Your child will be expected to serve the entire 9 week period.  If your child is not chosen for the 1st rotation, then they will get the chance to do a Google sign-up for the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th rotations.    

 Dates for 2017-2018

Safety Patrol members are leaders in our school and we count on them to perform their duty each day on the Paine Campus, so if chosen, you are expected to serve every day during your rotation.

The rotation dates are as follows:

  • Rotation #1: 8/9-10/13
  • Rotation #2: 10/16-12/15
  • Rotation #3: 1/3-3/9
  • Rotation #4: 3/12-5/23

Frequently Asked Questions

How are students chosen to serve on safety patrol?
At the end of the 4th grade year, teachers recommend students to be selected to start off the year in August as 5th graders for the 1st rotation.  However, final selections are based on character traits such as being responsible, courteous, dependable, dedicated, and cheerful. Grades are not a consideration as long as the grades reflect that a student is working up to his/her potential.  For rotations after that, we will send out a google sign-up for others who are interested in serving for the 2nd-4th rotations and we will assign patrollers to those rotations based on the set criteria already mentioned above.  If too many sign up, then we will pick “alternates.”   If someone can’t fulfill their duty for any reason, then we would ask the alternates to fill in and finish up the rest of the rotation at that post.  Students may also be able to serve more than one rotation if we have enough open spots and they continue do a great job.        

If I fill out the online form, will I automatically get to be on safety patrol?
No. After the sign up is complete, we will ask your teachers and Administrators to look over the list and recommend you for safety patrol based on your classroom behavior and overall character. We will also check with Administrators to make sure you have not had an office referral this school year for detention or tardies.  If you have consistent behavior problems, you will not be allowed to serve since this is based on leadership and good character. 

What time should morning safety patrol report to duty?
Car riders should report by 7:20. Car riders should be dropped off in the car lines at the back of the school, on the side in which they are assigned to work. Bus riders should report for duty immediately upon arrival at school each morning.  Please understand that if you arrive on one of the later buses (after 7:40) then there may not be much time left for you to serve.  If possible, eat breakfast before you get to school.  However if you need breakfast at school, eat quickly and then report to your post.  You MAY NOT take “to go” breakfast containers and eat around the school once on duty. 

What if I will be absent and cannot serve one day?
If you know you will be absent, please try to let Mrs. Naylor or Dr. Smith know in writing or via parent email so we can shift around any patrollers if needed.

What time should afternoon safety patrol report to duty?
Students should leave their classrooms right after afternoon announcements and go straight to duty.  DO NOT leave your classroom until announcements are over.  We would hate for you to miss important school information. 

What time should my parent pick me up if I serve in the afternoon?
Afternoon safety patrollers should be picked up around 3:15 through the carlines (2:15 on Mondays). You may be picked up through the carline on the side where you serve.

What do I do if it rains?
As long as it is not thundering and lightening, safety patrollers will serve in the rain. Please bring a rain jacket, rain boots (if you have them,) and/or an umbrella when you know it is going to rain. We do have a few umbrellas and some rain ponchos at school, but ponchos are "one size fits all" and may not provide the best protection from the rain.

What is the policy for late arrival and early dismissal due to weather?
Safety patrollers WILL serve on late arrival days. Students should report to their posts 40 minutes before the school day is set to begin. If school is dismissed early due to weather, safety patrollers WILL NOT serve. Our goal is to get all students home as quickly as possible on early dismissal days. This does not include 2:00 dismissal on Mondays. Students will serve as usual on Mondays.

What if I lose my vest?
You must keep up with your vest for the entire 9 week periods that you are assigned.  Students will not be allowed to serve without a vest each day.  Please let Mrs. Naylor know immediately if you lose your vest. You may be required to pay a $5 fee for a replacement.  During the 9 week period, you can hand wash and air dry as needed (putting in dryer will melt the material.)  Take good care of it, but if it does break, let us know so we can replace. You will turn it in at the end of each 9 week period so they can all be accounted for and then reassigned to the next rotation of patrollers.

What if I need to drop out of safety patrol?
Students agreeing to serve on safety patrol assume a responsibility and a commitment that needs to be upheld for the rotation/s in which you are assigned. If a circumstance arises where you are unable to fulfill your commitment, a note or e-mail written by a parent/guardian needs to be submitted to Mrs. Naylor.  You will not be allowed to quit just because you are tired of serving. 

Is there a way a student can be removed from safety patrol?
All safety patrollers should portray the above character traits and guidelines reviewed during training.  Patrollers not abiding by the guidelines may be removed from safety patrol by any Administrator.  Students will automatically be dismissed from safety patrol for the remainder of the term of service if they fail to serve in a respectful manner, and/or if they receive an office referral or bus infraction. Students who receive detention for tardies will also be removed from their position.  Also, if you need to begin academic intervention (MAGPI or Ticket to Read before school,) then you won’t be able to continue.

Who do I talk to if I have a question or a problem?
You can always come to the safety patrol team with any questions or issues.  If you have a problem with another student while on your post, please get with the teacher on that duty to report it.  It is not your job to discipline or “get onto” other students.  Always be nice and respectful….people are watching you!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email the Safety Patrol Team:

Christy Naylor-  or Susan Brandon-

For sign-up go here.