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Holly Bowlin Staff Photo

Supply List 

Hello Friends,

Below you will find the supply list for Trussville Connections Preschool for the 2014-2015 school year.

1 - Backpack (Large enough to hold notebook/folder)

4 - glue sticks (the big ones preferably)

2 – package of washable markers

1 - box of Ziploc bags (boys bring quart size; girls bring gallon size)

3 - Boxes (or refills) of “wet wipes”

6 Rolls of paper towels

6 - Containers of Disinfectant wipes

4 - Antibacterial hand soap OR 1 – Large refill of soap

2 - Pack of Velcro with sticky back

1 - Pack of Dry Erase crayons

1 – Pack of copy paper


If your child wears diapers/pull-ups please send an ample supply.


All students need a complete change of clothing, including pants/short, underwear (if applicable), socks, shoes, etc. in case of accidents while at school. Please send and keep it in their backpack or we will keep it in their locker.


If you would like to contact us please feel free to do so. Our email addresses are:

If there is something you feel that we need to know or have any questions please contact us! 

Holly Bowlin and Lisa Sharit

Trussville Connections Preschool Teachers